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Minimizing Crime in the Salon

by Kimberly Pham | December 23, 2013

It's a little difficult moving on from my last entry on the armed robbery that took a young boy's life in his parents' nail salon, and with holiday season in full-swing, it's an unfortunate reminder that certain types of crime, like burglary, rises during the holiday season. But there are a few things you can do to help prevent crime from happening in your salon.

In 2005, Cindy Nguyen, the owner of Angel Nails in Hermosa Beach, Calif., was the victim of a robbery committed by three women. Two women distracted Nguyen while the third walked around the salon and stole her wallet without her knowing. You can read the article by clicking here.

Here few useful tips highlighted in the article:

• Minimize the amount of cash you keep in the salon. Make frequent stops to the bank, but change the times you go so there is no noticeable pattern.

• Be alert. Pay attention to your clients, shower them with attention, especially anyone who seems suspicious.

• Install security systems and video surveillance. It can deter crime and, as seen in my last post, can help identify criminals.

• Provide lockers or locked storage for your employees' personal belongings. Don't leave personal items out in plain sight or near high-traffic areas.

• Lock your doors after you close or during your last client's visit.

• Be cooperative if anyone does try to rob your salon.

Here is another article that also suggests keeping inventory of expensive items, keep retail items away from the entrance to prevent "grab-and-go" robberies. The article also reminds you that there is no typical shoplifter.

Please stay safe this holiday season. (I'll put up more uplifting posts soon, I promise.)

— Kim

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