How many of you feel like there are salons that drag the industry down? Do you think they do it intentionally? How about race? Do you assume that a poor quality salon is the same thing as a discount salon and that they are exclusive to a particular race? You’re not alone.

A lot of people feel that way and there is a massive divide between nail professionals because of it. If you are passionate about the industry and want to be taken seriously, eliminate the news exposes, and reduce negative press then something has to happen. That something is all of us working together as a whole to bridge the gap with compassion, education, and the drive to see change. My dream is to see that in this lifetime, however, if I cannot see it happen, it would be amazing to at least be part of the impetuous.

Sunday night at the Premiere Show in Orlando this past weekend there was a celebration of the VietSALON nail artistry competition sponsored by CND. Five finalists were honored and the winner was presented with a trophy and winnings by actress Kieu Chinh. The artwork was amazing, the finalists were talented yet humble, and the party was filled with a combination of suits, nail pros, and celebrities. A couple private mini concerts from Don Ho really livened up the festivities and fabulous food was a nice treat to end the day.

Congrats from my heart to the winner Tan Nguyen!

Not only did he take home the trophy, Athena Elliot also announced that he will be a co-host for the new Vietnamese Nail Talk Radio. Please join me in reaching out to our entire industry so that we can all elevate our standing together as an educated, united force!

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