NAILS loves a good group costume (see below).

NAILS group costume for 2013: Instagram filters.

NAILS group costume for 2013: Instagram filters.

For this year, we decided to be NAILS covers. There are so many iconic looks to choose from, but when it came down to it, we decided the early ʼ90s were best, since models wore several “fun” outfits. We may never know the real reason behind these cover concepts, but we can explain why the NAILS staff decided to portray these looks for Halloween 2014.

October 1990

Kim Pham, graphic artist & VietSalon associate editor: “I had a mask and I love the masquerade theme! I’ve been to a masquerade, so I thought it would be perfect for Halloween.”

May 1991

Kelsey Nolan, editorial assistant: “I went with this cover because I had the bangs!”

December 1991

Beth Livesay, senior editor: “I helped my dad move last weekend and found the flute I played in junior high. I knew I had the perfect dress in my closet to complete the look.”

September 1991

Taylor Yates, editorial assistant: “I actually picked this costume super last-minute. I was already dressed as Lucille Ball and serendipity struck. I happened to have all of the necessary accessories. Halloween magic!”

August 1992

Sigourney Nunez, assistant editor: “It was a no brainer. As a nail art aficionado, this costume as the cover model of the Aug. ʼ92 issue gave me an excuse to show off my favorite nail tools — brushes!”

December 1992

Danielle Parisi, art director: “I chose my cover because it was easy and so funny!”

March 1994

Anh Tran, VietSalon managing editor: “I was a nail tech! I love my job!”

August 1994

Shannon Rahn, West Coast sales representative: “I chose this cover because of its simplicity and because it has a pink logo…Who doesn’t love pink?”

October 1995

Yuiko Sugino, graphic artist: “This was the best costume for the laziest costumer, and a reason to bring bubbles to work.”

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The staff at NAILS wishes you a very happy and creative Halloween!