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Joseph Pham Joins Entity Beauty

by Kimberly Pham | November 27, 2012
If you've been to any of the major trade shows or distributor shows in the U.S., you may recognize Joseph Pham (or most likely have hung out with him on occasion). Now he starts his new endeavor as Entity Beauty's new manager of sales and distributor relations. As the education manager for three salons in New York, he brings 20 years of nail industry experience to the growing company.

Pham prides himself in being a nail tech for nail techs, taking a real-world approach to how he views and creates nails. “Gorgeous nails that are quick and simple for the technician to create, paired with the best products on the market, are the key to success in any nail business,” he says.

“We are incredibly excited to have Joseph join our team. He brings a fresh perspective and aggressive approach to building our organization. We look forward to a very successful 2013 with the addition of Joseph to the Entity team,” says Vicki Heller, president and CEO of Entity Beauty.

Founded in 2004, Entity Beauty was formed to empower beauty professionals with quality products, education, and tools for success. Some of Entity’s product lines include the Entity Nail Couture acrylic system, Entity One Gel System, Entity One Color Couture soak-off gel-polish, Nanovive Skin Revival System, and Rainforest Body Couture.

Visit for more information on their line of acrylic, gel, and pedicure products.

— Kim

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VietSALON Rooster Nails

by Chloe Anh Trần

Mẫu móng 4-D mừng Xuân Ðinh Dậu của nghệ sĩ móng David Hoàng thật tỉ mỉ với nét hoài cổ khi dùng kỹ thuật sơn mờ làm nền.

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Phỏng Vấn Hoàng Lefty: Tôi Từng Là Một Đầu Bếp!

by Chloe Tram-Anh Tran

Có cơ hội được biết Lefty chỉ mới hơn một năm khi tôi đi dự sự kiện Huấn Nghệ Cố Vấn Việt của hãng A.I.I vào tháng Bảy năm 2015, ấn tượng về anh trong tôi khá rõ nét, là một người có óc khôi hài, thân thiện và rất cởi mở khi chia sẻ về nghề móng.

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