Winter Sweater Nails with Gel

by Kimberly Pham | December 14, 2016

Akzéntz educator Jennifer Ho (@gelindulgence) based in Alberta, Canada, created this raised sweater-inspired design using Akzéntz Gel and Gel Art Powder. Show us your designs on social media by tagging #nailsmagazine.

1. Mix Akzéntz Gel Play White with Luxio Fanfare to get this custom baby blue color.

2. Apply two coats of the custom blue color and cure. Then apply Akzéntz Gel Shine-On and cure.

3. Use left over custom color to paint the sweater design. Jennifer used the Akzéntz Art-02 brush to paint the design.

4. Sprinkle Akzéntz Gel Art Powder on the nail, tap lightly to remove excess powder, then cure.

5. With a nail brush, brush off any leftover powder.

The New Pedicure Boom


The New Pedicure Boom

by Trina Kleist

Pedicure services have already become a staple in the salon. Now, a new trend is pushing pedicures to the forefront of many businesses, and Asian entrepreneurs are leading the way.


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