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Enter the Dragon

byKimberly Pham | January 25, 2012


The winner of VietSALON Magazine's dragon nail art mural contest, nail artist Robert Nguyen lent his 3-D nail artistry to this month’s Lunar New Year-themed issue to help us welcome the Year of the Dragon.


Here’s how Robert created these dragon nails:

1. Prep nails and apply OPI "Free Form" forms. Sculpt a thin stiletto foundation and build the shape of a stiletto nail using OPI Absolute Crystal Clear.

2. File nails using OPI 150 Edge.

3. Paint the nails a navy blue color using DNA paint.

4. Brush on clear overlay gel over the entire nail and cure.

5. Remove sticky residue using NAS 99.

6. Glue on the dragons head.* Reinforce with OPI Absolute perfect white.

7. Sculpt the body, belly, and spine.

8. Sculpt the waves.

9. Paint everything using DNA paint and DNA Brushes (

*Making the head: Robert made a soft mold for the dragonhead so he could easily manipulate it rather than fix hard acrylic. Fill the mold with acrylic and remove it once it has dried. Use a drill and an underside bit to sharpen any lines in the dragons face.






Video: Dragon Stiletto Nails — Click here to see a video of Nguyen in action.

Nail Art

Vẽ Hoa Hồng Màu Nước

by Staff

CND education ambassador Beatrice Van shows how to create a watercolor rose nail art design using CND Brisa Gel and CND Additives at the "I Heart CND" event held May 6th at Whale Spa in Garden Grove, Calif.

VietSALON: Rooster Nails (in Vietnamese)

Nail Art

VietSALON: Rooster Nails (in Vietnamese)

by Anh Tran

Mẫu móng 4-D mừng Xuân Ðinh Dậu của nghệ sĩ móng David Hoàng thật tỉ mỉ với nét hoài cổ khi dùng kỹ thuật sơn mờ làm nền. (Editor's Note: This story is about how we created our January/February 2017 cover for VietSALON Magazine.)


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Nail Art

Dragon Nail Art: The Results

by Kimberly Pham

Thank you to everyone who participated in our dragon nail art contest! We had some amazing nail art submissions by five very talented nail artists.As mentioned in our last post, the winner of the 2012 Year

Around Asia in Many Manicures

Nail Art

Around Asia in Many Manicures

by Jayna Rust

In this travel journal, former NAILS associate editor Jayna Rust goes to Asia. From China to South Korea, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia, she finds nail services everywhere (and happily tries them all out in order to report back to you).

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