Before we got to the quaint Southern California town of Orange, I didn’t know what to expect of Victoria Nails & Spa. I knew it was considered one of the “Best in Orange” according to Fox11, and I always wondered how businesses gained such honors. However, all of my curiosities were tossed out the window when we stepped inside.

Three things grabbed my attention upon entering the salon — the large rack hosting a wide selection of magazines, a well-stocked complimentary snack bar, and a rotating nail art display. We were greeted by co-owner Bobby Trinh, who, between client reservation calls through a Bluetooth headset, relays the service information via an intercom to nail techs who are waiting in the back room. The salon has two distinct atmospheres. The brighter, outer room welcomes chit chat and large groups while the inner room offers a tranquil environment with soothing instrumental music and a Zen water fountain. After my service was transmitted to the back of the salon, nail techs Holly and Tracy led us to the back room.

The most important thing for Bobby and his wife and co-owner Trisha is customer service. To accommodate clients, various signs of courtesy adorn the walls. Bobby says, “The best way to monitor your nail techs is to have your clients do it for you.” To this end, he offers a free service for anyone whose nail tech “uses her cell phone during the service,” or is “chatting in Vietnamese during the service.” What I was hoping to be a pleasant conversation in Vietnamese turned out to be a pleasant conversation in English although almost forced on my end. Holly told me that, although it was difficult at first to speak English to techs and clients, she understands that it is more comfortable for clients, and it ultimately translates into better tips.

When asked why he goes out of his way with affordable prices and perks, Bobby says, “It is more costly to bring in new clients than to retain existing clients.” Every winter, Bobby hands out a survey to his clients and keeps up with their needs, building his salon around their comfort and satisfaction. Based on the survey, Bobby’s clients weren’t as concerned about the television as they were about magazines — so he ran out to the nearest bookstore and ordered an entire collection of women’s lifestyle magazines.

Bobby and Trisha understand that it’s the little things in life that really make a difference, and it’s this mindset that brings clients back for more.


NAILS managing editor Sree Roy and graphic artist Kimberly Pham take a photo with co-owner Bobby Trinh.