Feature article from NAILS Magazine "A Vietnamese American Dynasty: The Fall of Saigon brought a wave of Vietnamese immigrants to the U.S. who ultimately helped build today's booming nail industryoriginally published in March 2006.

Survey of the Vietnamese American nail industry, fact and figures. Survey of the Vietnamese American nail industry, fact and figures published in March 2007.

Demographic information from NAILS 2008-2009 Big Book, published in December 2008.

Industry publications: VietSALON, a Vietnamese language magazine for Vietnamese nail professionals. Published by Bobit Business Media. To contact the editor, email Tri Ta.

Read “Vietnamese Nail Salon Workers Report Health Concerns from Workplace Chemicals,” a news item originally published May 2008.

Listen to a podcast here among three prominent members of the Vietnamese salon community talk about trends, trials, and opportunities for the Vietnamese nail industry. (in English) — Tri Ta, managing editor of VietSALON Magazine, Tin Nguyen with the Vietnamese Nail Care Professional Association (VNCPA), and Tam Nguyen with Vietnamese Beauty Expo and Advance Beauty College.

Read “The "Tippi Hedren Factor"” a short news article originally published in the Los Angeles Times on the Vietnamese impact on the nail industry.